Scot Wolfgang Ryder started into his musical career as a classically trained pianist. At a young age, he took an interest in guitar as an experimental stand in for violin with the school orchestra, and it quickly became second nature to him. 

Walking the path of an artistic journeyman, learning, experimenting, creating and performing, his guitar work evolved and grew, making him a much sought after performing and recording guitarist.  

With virtuosic skill on both piano and guitar, Scot began creating compositions of his own, combining the classical, medieval, symphonic rock and gypsy styles that had been an integral part of his musical influence.   Scot’s original compositions are lush with vivid imagery, awash in an array of delicate textures and myriad colors spilling across his artist’s canvas.  

As a Timberline Guitars endorsed artist, Scot has recently wrapped his magic around the Harp-guitar, quickly mastering the skill of using this rich and resonant sounding instrument in his performances.

In concert, Scot doesn’t simply execute a stylish performance, instead he effortlessly releases the music, like a stream of light that flows from the deepest part of his soul, and glides through his fingertips to pour out upon the strings.  

An evening with the music of Scot Ryder is an evening that will resonate with the listener long after the last note has faded into memory.

Song: Nature

Written by: Scot Ryder

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"On stage or in the studio, Timberline guitars and harpguitars are at the core of my sound." 

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"I use many alternate tunings and multiple capos in my compositions, G7th Capos insure my instruments stay in tune." 

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"The K&K Pure mini is the most natural sounding system on the market. I have K&K installed in all my guitars and harpguitars."

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Song: Inspiration

Album: Inspiration

Written by: Scot Wolfgang Ryder

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